Photo by S.N. Jacobson

I revived my art making practice in 2017, when I carved out the time and workspace to do so. Helpfully, the medium of clay automatically determines a set of defined steps that must happen within a certain period of time on a given artwork. This (slightly flexible) set of deadlines imposed by the material itself literally pulls me into the creative state when I enter the studio. I’m inspired to build and excited to see what happens as the process moves through time. I enjoy using varied means of forming, contouring, assembling, texturing, problem-solving and glazing the pieces.

I have an attitude of experimentation, in that, “Everything is a Test; and Every Test is a Success.” This guiding principle has permitted me to work faster and more freely, pushing the material further that I ever thought possible, and using fired-on (cone 6) finishes in fairly controllable ways. I’m willing to take chances on work that I previously would have deemed “too precious” to experiment on. I am bolder now in my use of clay and experimentation with finishes. I experiment, welcome all results, learn and continue to develop. Experimenting is an important part of my process. I am excited about my growth as an artist and craftswoman, and I am honored to share my work with the world!
I work in a renovated 1972 Airstream Land Yacht studio, and I enjoy roller derby and park skating in my free time!